Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Shuttle Atlantis, One Year On at its Home at Kennedy Space Center.

The Kennedy Space Center is about an hours drive from the Theme Parks in Orlando and well worth a trip when on vacation in the Orlando area, 
A year ago the space Shuttle Atlantis was housed in an exhibition at the Center and in that year has attracted many visitors from all over the world. It's high tech, interactive, showcase, with simulators and presentations, all celebrate NASA'S achievements of its 30yr Space Shuttle programme and is a tribute to all the people involved in maintaining and flying the shuttles.
The Visitor Complex also has bus tours out to the shuttle launch pad for a drive by view.
Visit exhibits, including the Saturn V moon rocket, See 3D Space films, meet an Astronaut, get updates on launches and news from NASA, buy merchandise and souvenirs etc. etc.
Opening times for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex are 9am to 7pm through the summer, then closing times vary September to December.

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